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Company Spotlight: Park Club

Published on 27 April 2023

This month, we spoke to the managers at Park Club, to learn more about the #ParkPerks on offer for Milton Park occupiers – from memberships, facilities and exercise classes.

Based at Milton Park, Park Club is run as a not-for-profit organisation and charity, not only providing a high-quality exercise centre but also funding active and educational community projects across Oxfordshire. These include school visits, staff wellness days and activity sessions for young people of all abilities.

It’s the Park Club’s mission to help everyone build healthier lifestyles and strengthen the local community by making exercise enjoyable and accessible for all. It aims to provide a welcoming and friendly environment, showcasing the physical and mental benefits of working out.

#ParkPerk memberships

Occupiers on the Park can provide their employees with full access to the Park Club gym and its many facilities via corporate memberships. These are completely flexible, and the Park Club team is able to accommodate to each company’s individual needs such as the size of its workforce, proportion of regular to non-regular Park users or contract length.

Memberships can include full access to the gym and functional training zone, a choice of 50-60 weekly group exercise classes, use of the swimming pool, sauna and steam room as well as personalised fitness appointments and discounted on-site physio sessions.

Individual memberships are also open to those who work on Milton Park at a discounted rate as well as through the apps ‘Hussle’ or ‘Gym flex’ which allow users to access a network of gyms and fitness centres across the UK with a ‘pay as you visit’ system.

Chris Eyton, Managing Director at Park Club, said: “We’d really encourage anyone who’s interested in using Park Club or gaining a membership to come and visit us in-person at 17 Croft Drive. We’re very happy to facilitate tours and taster sessions to help occupiers and individuals understand the true breadth of our offering here as its often difficult to portray over email or the phone. The team is super friendly and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.”

Why join Park Club?

Easy location

Based at 17 Croft Drive, Milton Park, Park Club is right on the doorstep for regular Park workers and visitors with its own car parking area and hire bike shelter accessible via the Donkey Republic app. Whether you’re keen to join a lunchtime exercise class with colleagues or squeeze in a daytime physio appointment, its proximity to all our occupier premises means you can hop on over and back to your office or lab with ease.

Opening times

Park Club’s opening times are suitable for those looking to exercise at any time of the day, whether that’s before or after work, or during your lunch break. The early openings give you plenty of time to work out, shower and change all on-site before your workday begins and saves any additional commuting.

  • Mon – Thurs 6.15am to 10pm
  • Friday 6.15am to 9pm
  • Saturday 8am to 4pm
  • Sunday 9am to 4pm
Range of facilities

With 50-60 exercise classes to choose from each week, on-site personal trainers who can create programmes tailored to individual goals, child and adult swimming lessons and discounted access to the on-site physio and beautician – there is so much to explore.

Welcoming environment

Chris added: “We appreciate that many people feel quite nervous about going to the gym no matter your level of experience, so at Park Club we’ve worked really hard to create a genuinely positive and welcoming environment for all.

“Our range of exercise classes are a huge seller, largely for the social aspect they provide. With a company corporate membership for employees, it’s easy to attend classes with your colleagues – helping to diminish any gym-phobia or nerves about attending.”

Free occupier exercise classes

In partnership with MEPC Milton Park, Park Club also helps to run three additional weekly exercise classes that are free to attend for occupiers. Find out more at each of the links below:

Get in touch

To discuss membership options for your company or yourself, you can:

For more information on Park Club, please visit:

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