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Milton Park is held in a single MEPC Milton Limited Partnership for its two investor shareholders. MEPC Limited is the development and asset manager of Milton Park for its general partner MEPC Milton GP Limited.


MEPC is proud to have been the custodians of Milton Park since 1984.

For more information, see www.mepc.com

Delivering value to communities

As the UK’s largest single ownership business community, we support our businesses in the most flexible way.

Whether you’re joining us through our virtual package, part of our Innovation Centre or needing office and laboratory space so you can grow, the MEPC team is with you every step of the way.

The team is responsible for the Park’s day to day running and delivers and manages new and refurbished buildings to meet business demand so that our community can flourish.

Across MEPC’s UK park and urban portfolio, MEPC provides workspace for more than 350 organisations and 15,000 people over four million sq ft. Other projects include Silverstone Park in Northamptonshire, Wellington Place in Leeds, NOMA in Manchester and St Mary Le Port in Bristol.

Our track record is our 75 years of nurturing positive long-term relationships and delivering on our promises.

During MEPC’s 35-year stewardship, Milton Park has trebled in size into one of the largest science and technology clusters in Europe.

We build with the future in mind and we build strong relationships, so you have an attractive place to work.


MEPC in numbers

  • 350


  • 15,000


  • 4 million


“MEPC has dedicated, experienced on-site teams who develop relationships with their customers and other stakeholders.

As experts in creating sustainable business communities, we’re proud of our track record for creating positive long-term customer relationships and delivering on our promises.

Our tradition is to build with the future in mind, from innovative new developments to adaptable spaces that can answer to everyone’s changing requirements.

We’re here for you today, and for the future.”

Phillip Campball
Commercial Director, MEPC Milton Park

Meet the team

Our management team is here to make life easier for our customers. Everyone in the team is committed to making the Park, the environment and your building work for you and your business.

MEPC and Federated Hermes




MEPC is the specialist real estate development and asset operating platform within Federated Hermes’ Private Markets business. Federated Hermes is a global leader in active, responsible investment and is guided by the conviction that responsible investment is the best way to create long term value. As a single organisation since 2020, our combined conviction continues to be the creation of new places where people will choose to work, visit and live, through developments that are innately focused on communities. This ethos of inclusivity and our focus on the creation of ‘meaningful places’ of the future has seen Milton Park grow into one of the most science, technology and research spaces in the UK.

Be part of a community

We’re more than a business, science and technology park; we’re a welcoming, vibrant community where companies and individuals can thrive. There’s plenty of opportunities for collaboration to promote success and growth.


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