Supporting local causes

Milton Park is a significant contributor to the local and regional economy, attracting new businesses to the area. With this responsbility, we see it as our duty to support the local community and those in need.

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Didcot Powerhouse Fund

Milton Park is proud to be a founding member and quantum donor to The Powerhouse Fund.

Giving back and supporting people in need is great. Having the Didcot Powerhouse Fund as our chosen charity partner allows us to support many local causes and help to make a difference to people’s lives.

Managed by Oxfordshire Community Foundation and hosted by Didcot First, the Fund is fuelled by donors who are invested in the Didcot Garden Town Area of Influence of Didcot and the surrounding villages.

In 2022, Didcot Powerhouse Fund gave grants of between £400 and £13,000, totalling £95,000 to 17 local organisations. However, 31 applications were made, requesting a total of £232,000 in grants, highlighting the vital community work going on locally and the need gap.

The Didcot Powerhouse Fund is a ‘Donor Advised Fund’ and was set up to address inequality in the wider Didcot area which has a mixed profile of neighbourhoods where affluent areas adjoin those with greater need, placing some of Didcot’s wards in the top 20% of the Index of Multiple Deprivation in England which encompasses seven key social measures.

School engagement programme

Milton Park’s new school engagement programme, ‘Explore’ aims to build long-term connections between the Park, its occupiers and education providers in the surrounding area. The programme will initially run for a five-year period from February 2023, engaging with over 6,000 local students, showcasing the wide variety of careers available here, including Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) careers.

It is hoped that at least half of the Milton Park occupiers will take part in the scheme, which will provide an opportunity to collectively support students through career panels, site visits, employability skills, interview practice, live brief challenges and work experience. They will also be able to profile their entry level, apprenticeship, and graduate roles to young people in the local area.

Social responsibility

Our team feels passionately about supporting local causes and helping to make a difference to people’s lives.

Local liaison group

Milton Park hosts regular Local Liaison Group meetings to keep local parish councillors and interest groups informed on all activities and potential future development opportunities so relevant information can be disseminated to local residents by members. An update on the Didcot Powerhouse Fund is also given.

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