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Milton Park’s new bus names 

Published on 30 April 2024

People were asked to pick their top three favourite names from a list of names beginning with ‘M’.

The top 13 names chosen from the long list (supplied by the Milton Park team) will be given to the new Milton Park branded buses coming shortly. 

The bus-naming competition followed a renewed partnership with Thames Travel, which has increased the frequency of services to and from Oxford to Milton Park. The renewed partnership will see 13 Milton Park-branded buses head out soon onto Oxfordshire’s roads each given a name from the list below. Milton Park is excited to reveal the winning names below. 

The Milton Park team would like to thank everyone who took part in the competition. Congratulations go to Hayley Phelps from Exscientia, whose name was picked at random from those who entered the competition to win a hamper full of food and drink beginning with the letter M. 

In order of popularity, the new Milton Park-branded buses will be named: 

  • 1. Mabel 
  • 2. Merlin 
  • 3. Maverick 
  • 4. Maximus 
  • 5. Monty 
  • 6. Miles 
  • 7. Mufasa 
  • 8. Morse 
  • 9. Mario 
  • 10. Myrtle 
  • 11. Marley 
  • 12. Matilda 
  • 13. Mungo 

Each member of the Milton Park team was first asked to give three of their favourite names beginning with M, to create the initial list to choose from. Congratulations to Lorna Wright, the Park’s Flexible Workspace Manager, who suggested the name Mabel which was chosen as the most popular by occupiers! 

Commenting on the announcement, Veronica Reynolds, Sustainability and Community Manager at Milton Park, said: “We would like to thank everyone for participating in the competition and I can’t wait to see the chosen names take pride of place on the buses.  

“Whilst it was great fun selecting the names, the popularity of the competition underlines the importance our occupiers place on sustainable travel. 

“The competition followed our survey of over 1,000 employees which, for the first time, found over 50 per cent were opting for more sustainable methods such as bus, bike and car sharing to travel to work, compared to single-occupancy vehicles. Whether taking a trip with Miles or Merlin, we hope the new names and improved services will encourage even more of a shift to bus usage in the years ahead, and bring a smile to those using the buses.” 

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