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Have you signed-up to Mi-Link, your easy travelling to work planner?

Published on 3 August 2020

Are you considering different options to get to and from work at Milton Park?

To help with social distancing, what if there was something that could tell you how crowding may affect your journey and provide you with alternative travel options?

Whether you’re thinking about driving to a station, hiring a bike or burning some calories, wouldn’t it be great if there was one place to plan your best route?

Have you heard of Mi-Link, the newly launched online journey planner which has been developed to make travelling to and from work simple?

How does it work?

Mi-Link is easy to use and once you’ve logged in, it allows you to set your departure and arrival places and plan your journey to work by looking for the best routes for you across all modes of transport and deliver a route that is exactly right for you: fastest, best or the most sustainable based on CO2 emissions.

Mi-Link will also send you real-time personalised updates about your journey including late-running or cancelled services and suggest alternative routes to get you to your destination.

It will also assist with safe socially-distanced travel planning, as not only does the planner allow for real-time personalised travel updates, but new functionality thanks to project partner Zipabout, means it will tell you how crowding may affect your journey, as well as providing alternative travel options.

Get live alerts about your route

Regardless of how you are travelling to Milton Park, Mi-Link will send you updates straight to your phone using Messenger.

This includes information on late-running or cancelled services, in addition updates on whether they are busy and crowded.

Through our unique partnership with Zipabout and its Passenger Connect service, Mi-Link is able to understand passenger ‘intent’ to travel, i.e. origin/destination/time of travel. This helps Mi-Link build a clearer picture of the network and lets you know if a bus or rail journey is likely to be crowded or not.

How do I find out more and get started?

It’s really simple, just visit Mi-Link’s website for further information and access the journey planner through on your browser.

Share the journey planning with your visitors

Why not share the Mi-Link details with your colleagues and visitors and send this link

It will also direct them to the nearest parking areas and provide them with travel options including cycling and public transport.

Who is involved in this project?

Mi-Link is being led by an experienced and diverse consortium including FirstGroup as overall coordinator and project lead, Arrival which will manufacture some of the autonomous vehicles, Zipabout as the ‘Mobility as a Service’  system developers, Milton Park as provider of infrastructure in the business park, South Oxfordshire & Vale of White Horse District Councils as local planning authorities, Oxfordshire County Council as local transport authority, The University of the West of England for user evaluation, and Nova Modus, autonomous transport consultants.

It is part-funded by the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV), delivered in funding partnership with Innovate UK.

Visit to start your sustainable travelling to work planning.

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