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Keep your eyes peeled for our new orange bikes!

Published on 10 February 2022

Our bicycles have been upgraded for 2022 and with their bright orange frames, you’ll be hard-pressed to miss them. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or are simply keen to pedal around Milton Park, now is the perfect time to saddle up.

Featuring Donkey Republic branding, our new bikes have improved baskets on the back, allowing you to carry your bag safely while you ride.

How you borrow our bikes remains the same. If you’re travelling in from Didcot Parkway, you will be able to find the bikes at the station’s cycle hub.

For those already familiar to the Donkey Republic app, you’ll be able to use your existing account in the usual way. If you’re new to cycling at Milton Park, make sure you register for the app with your work email address so you can cycle for free.

Starting in March, the first Wednesday of every month will see the return of our Bike2Work event where you can enjoy a free breakfast from Café Metro if you sign up beforehand.

There are plenty of other ways to travel sustainably to, from and around Milton Park. For just £20 per year, you can benefit from unlimited bus travel within Didcot Zone 1 – this means that those who get the train to Didcot Parkway can travel to and from Milton Park for less than £2 per month.

Before you start pedalling, make sure you have read the latest regulations in the new Highway Code which came into force last month and will help improve the safety of all road users.

You can learn more about our sustainable methods of transport here – we hope to see you cycling soon.

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