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Scientific advances at Milton Park

Published on 5 March 2024

From promising advancements in the development of fusion energy, to oncology and environmentally friendly pesticides, Milton Park’s occupiers have been busy with breakthroughs in recent months.

The team looks at some of the most recent advances being made on the Park…

AI will accelerate path to clean fusion energy at Tokamak

Milton Park occupier Tokamak Energy has revealed AI is expected to expedite the timeline for creating clean fusion power by several years.

Tokamak revealed the most advanced supercomputers are so powerful that they can simulate the processes inside a fusion device, accelerating power plant designs at rates impossible to replicate using present-day physical devices.

Summit announces updates on ivonescimab

Milton Park-based Summit Therapeutics announced promising advancements in the development of ivonescimab, a potential treatment for advanced non-small cell lung cancer.

In a Phase II study, patients demonstrated notable outcomes, with those in Cohort 1 showing a noteworthy 85.6% 1-year overall survival rate and Cohort 2 exhibiting an estimated 74% 1-year overall survival rate. Data generated from this trial has supported Summit’s decision to advance ivonescimab into two global Phase III clinical trials.

Robert W. Duggan and Dr. Maky Zanganeh, Summit’s Chief Executive Officers, commented: “As the data continues to mature in Phase II studies evaluating ivonescimab, including data related to the survival of patients impacted by these terrible diseases, our belief and conviction in ivonescimab is reinforced.”

Emergex Vaccines in agreement with DEKA

Clinical-stage biotechnology company, Emergex, has partnered with DEKA R&D to assess the compatibility of its T cell-priming immunotherapeutic candidates with DEKA’s Intradermal Therapeutic Applicator.

The Intradermal Therapeutic Applicator employs hollow microneedles for efficient self-administration, and a successful collaboration could lead to using DEKA’s device for administering Emergex’s viral disease treatments.

Laurens Rademacher, Chief Technology Officer at Emergex comments: “We are delighted to announce this important collaboration with DEKA. Intradermal/Epidermal delivery is critical to the mechanism of our T cell-priming product platform.”

Eden Research’s Mevalone wins approval in California

Occupier Eden Research has secured regulatory approval in California for Mevalone, an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional pesticides.

Specialising in sustainable biopesticides and plastic-free formulation technology, Eden Research developed Mevalone as a foliar biofungicide, initially targeting botrytis on grapes.

Given California’s prominence in wine production, especially in regions like Napa Valley, and its focus on high-value horticultural crops, Mevalone has gained popularity as a suitable and sustainable option among farmers.

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