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Oxitec expands Milton Park HQ to ramp up global fight to combat disease

Published on 23 August 2022

Biotech pioneer Oxitec, the world’s leading developer of innovative biological solutions to control insect pests, is expanding its global headquarters at Milton Park.

The biotechnology company’s headquarters has been based at Milton Park for over 15 years, after spinning out from Oxford University in 2002. Oxitec has now taken additional space at the aptly named 37D Innovation Drive on top of its existing premises next door at 37C and 71 Innovation Drive, doubling the size of its premises at the Park to a total of 25,911 sq ft.

Oxitec specialises in pioneering innovative biological insect control technology that safely and sustainably targets pests that transmit diseases, damage crops and harm livestock. Insect pests include those that are responsible for spreading diseases such as dengue, Zika or malaria and are treated using Oxitec’s Friendly™ technology platform.

Milton Park is home to much of Oxitec’s early-stage research and innovation, which is later translated into fully formed solutions and technological processes carried out at its international bases in Brazil and the USA.

The company’s new Milton Park premises includes significant space to allow the fit-out of bespoke and high-calibre research facilities as well as additional office space for its growing workforce, consolidating a central hub for its 100-strong UK team. The move will allow Oxitec to expand its capacity to innovate as well as extend its product pipeline.

Neil Morrison, Chief Strategy Officer at Oxitec, said: “Milton Park’s proximity to Oxford city and universities has enabled us to assemble a world-class team of experts, maintain our local professional network and cement our position within Oxfordshire’s innovation cluster.

“Milton Park is well-experienced in accommodating cutting-edge biotechnology companies like Oxitec and offers a brilliant platform for growth. This has been key for us over the past couple of years as our technology continues to attract global interest from the food security and public health sectors.

“It’s our mission to build a healthy, sustainable and equitable future for all and forge a world that is free from burdens caused by insects that transmit diseases and destroy crops. Milton Park provides us with the R&D space and facilities to support us in achieving this vision.”

Tom Booker, Commercial Manager at MEPC Milton Park, said: “Oxitec’s innovative approach to addressing global issues through science and technology makes them an exceptional fit for Milton Park.

“We’re pleased to have seen them grow from strength to strength over the years and thrilled they’ve decided to expand their headquarters at the Park. We look forward to supporting their continued success.”

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