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Urban Garden Awards winners 2022

Published on 20 October 2022

It’s no secret that we’re passionate about green space and biodiversity at Milton Park. Throughout the summer, we gave companies on the Park with an urban garden plot the chance to secure green-fingered glory in our second Urban Garden Awards.

Our urban gardens are part of our commitment to sustainability - allowing people based on the Park the chance to grow vegetables, herbs and other plants while at work. The patches are also a great way to get some fresh air, meet other people on the Park and share top gardening tips.

We’re delighted to announce this year's winners, who have all earned some well-deserved garden centre vouchers... 

Biodiversity award

  • Gold - Replimune

Great Veronica plant to attract different species. The roses were beautiful roses and all together made for a really colourful plot.

  • Silver - SBL - Systems Biology Laboratory

The bees were a big fan of the amazing sunflowers.

  • Bronze - Immunocore

The garden so attracted lots of bugs! Back beetles that ate through their lettuce and nasturtiums and then they had an influx of ladybird hoovering them all up!

Most unusual food item

  • Gold - Immunocore

A great picture of their squash plant but they also grew courgettes, radishes, strawberries, basil, lettuce, beetroot, parsley and chillies. Sounds delicious!

  • Silver - Planet IT

This garden was famous for its rhubarb and plenty of herbs.

  • Bronze - Oxford Immunotec

We were surprised to see pear and apples trees growing in an urban garden but looking fabulous. 

Largest food item

  • Gold - Molecule to Medicine - large marrow
  • Silver - Milton Park estate team, managed by CBRE - large courgette 
  • Bronze - WaveOptics - large zucchini

Most inventive garden

  • Gold - WaveOptics 

WaveOptics have been clever and creative in their garden and has used their space to grow lots of different herbs and vegetables with good separation techniques.

  • Silver - ASA Landscapes

The tomato climber was really memorable alongside the plot's many veg and herbs.

  • Bronze - Biocleave

There were plenty of different vegetables growing in the patch including tomatoes and mixed lettuce leaves, perfect for a salad.

Best use of colour

  • Gold - Milton Park estate team, managed by CBRE 

An outstanding display of colour including beautiful flowers and a large yellow squash.

  • Silver - Adaptimunne 

The lavender looked and smelt divine amongst the garden's gorgeous flowers. 

  • Bronze - Eden Research

Here there was a great bean climber with colourful lavender and flowers.

Most overgrown

  • Gold - Corteva 

This was a very overgrown allotment but the team was new to the Urban Garden group and we look forward to seeing progress in 2023!

  • Silver - Eden Research

A beautiful plot but very overgrown at the front.

  • Bronze - Ipsen

Gain another beautiful patch but starting to look like needs a bit of TLC.

ASA Landscape Awards

ASA Landscape Architects were impressed by Replimune's patch. Lots of thought has been put in this plot, with great variety of plants that were highly productive and well maintained.

Nurture Landscape Award

Nurture Landscapes' favourite was in fact the Milton Park estate team, managed by CBRE. They say there was no bias intended as the diverse plot had a selection of flowers and veg, including French beans, pumpkins and radishes.

Best overall garden

Congratulations to the best of the bunch - Taylor and Francis whose highly productive plot resulted in some great produce throughout the year, in particular tomatoes, carrots and beans.