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Company Spotlight: Trueleads

Published on 28 June 2022

We recently caught up with Trueleads to learn more about their work that is redefining the way that companies carry out business lead generation and how they’re buzzing after being one of the first to move into the Bee House.


Trueleads was set up during the pandemic in 2020 by its CEO and Founder, Tom Happé, after gaining extensive experience and knowledge in the marketing and cyber security sectors.

Throughout his career, Tom had found that at each sales-based company he’d worked for - no matter their size, status, or sector - generating leads and introducing their work to the right people was always the most difficult part of the job. This issue was only exacerbated in the pandemic when there were suddenly no face-to-face networking opportunities, in-person seminars or social events.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Tom started to help out companies in his network with lead generation and after realising the particularly high demand for this work, quickly found himself having to hire additional people to the team.

Two years later, Trueleads is now five people strong and has recently moved into their very own office at Milton Park’s new flexible workspace, the Bee House, to accommodate their exciting growth plans.

What does Trueleads do?

Trueleads’ aim is to help companies of all sizes across the globe to source new business opportunities through digital lead generation and increase their revenue streams.

Trueleads offers a marketing automation software service, accessible through a digital platform that maximises the exposure of companies to target audiences, increases sales opportunities and builds online professional networks, like LinkedIn, using smart AI technology. This is combined with their expertise in content production and optimised messaging.

Time-consuming and laborious work required for traditional lead generation approaches are removed from the process, freeing up time for customers to concentrate on other parts of their jobs and produce greater results.

Trueleads works across numerous sectors including technology, cyber security, software, networking and many more.

Tom Happé, CEO and Founder of Trueleads, explains more: “Trueleads is an exciting company as we’re completely redefining the way that companies carry out lead generation.

“We provide a digital-first approach that adopts a permission-led strategy, making it far more advanced than the traditional methods used to generate new business leads.”

Why the Bee House and Milton Park?

It was Trueleads’ initial aim to function as a fully remote company, allowing employees the flexibility and freedom to work from their homes. It soon came apparent, however, that those within the company were keen to meet up, socialise and collaborate in-person. Therefore, they were keen to have a place for the company to call home that could still provide them with the flexibility they were after - that’s when they found the Bee House.

Tom added: “We looked round the Bee House in February earlier this year to see the workspace – upon realising it could provide us with the ideal space we were looking for, we decided to take an office and arranged to be one of the first companies set to move in.”

The location of Milton Park was a key factor to Trueleads’ move to the Bee House, providing a central hub for all their current employees as well as being a great place to attract new talent. Additionally, Milton Park’s proximity and extensive transport links to nearby towns as well as major cities makes it an easily accessible location for prospective and regular customers to visit.

Tom continued: “Our new office at the Bee House is a space that we’re now really proud to showcase and invite people to. We’re keen to be known as a modern and vibrant company and we feel the Bee House’s character and design reflect these aims very well.”

An exciting future ahead

Off the back of their move to Milton Park, Trueleads is keen to focus efforts into developing their service even further to include more appointment setting and outsourcing business development work, as well as continuing to grow their workforce in an area of exceptional talent to accommodate for the high demand of their work.

They’re keen to get to know other companies based in the Bee House and across the rest of the Milton Park community – you may see them at one of the numerous events we have planned over the coming months!

To find out more about the work that Trueleads do, visit their website at