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Company Spotlight: Qube Learning

Published on 25 January 2023

We recently caught up with national recruitment and training solutions provider Qube Learning to learn more about its work helping people to achieve their career aspirations and the vital importance of vocational training.


As one of England’s leading providers of traineeships and apprenticeships, Qube Learning has provided further education services as an independent training provider for over 20 years, supported by the government’s Department for Education and Education & Skills Funding Agency – helping individuals to boost their career prospects and supporting employers to improve workplaces.

The company has multiple bases across the UK with its head office located at Milton Park. Together, they form a committed team passionate about helping people from all walks of life to excel and gain their dream job.

What does Qube Learning do?

In a nutshell, Qube Learning delivers workplace learning and training to jobseekers and employers, helping individuals to better understand and achieve their career goals, regardless of experience. This is accomplished through a range of training, which includes apprenticeships, skills bootcamps, traineeships, short courses, eLearning and recruitment solutions.

The company is driven by a firm belief in the importance of investing in people’s futures and provides the tools to equip them with the confidence to pursue a career in their preferred field. This is demonstrated through its traineeship schemes where trainees achieve an 80% success rate of continued or further employment following the completion of the programme.

Additionally, in a real effort to increase the convenience and participation of its training sessions, the company has significantly invested in eLearning solutions, including a virtual learning environment – accessible across multiple platforms.

Entering the workplace for the first time, or after a prolonged period, can be a particularly daunting and challenging experience. By focusing on supporting young people with negative school experiences and people suffering from long-term unemployment, Qube Learning’s pre-employment team seeks to improve their education and work-related perceptions.

The importance of apprenticeships

The company works to eradicate misconceptions surrounding apprenticeships and workplace preparatory programmes. Qube Learning goes into schools, attends regional jobs fairs and produces a range of content in further education journals and outlets to spread its message of the importance of apprenticeships.

The company has seen perceptions slowly start to change in sectors such as healthcare, logistics and management. More and more large organisations are seeing the value of succession planning and investing in the future of Britain’s economy, which in turn, opens up beneficial opportunities for young people.

Additionally, the Apprenticeship Levy has also provided a big boost, designed to help organisations offer more apprenticeship programmes. These aim to attract a diverse range of participants, keen to learn technical skills on-the-job while getting paid a salary. Regionally, OxLEP (Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership) has also provided some great support in highlighting local apprenticeship opportunities and grant schemes.

Why Milton Park?

Key to Qube Learning’s decision-making when moving to Milton Park was the quality of facilities and the Park’s accessibility due to its location and strong transport links.

Adrian Grove, Business Development Director at Qube Learning, explains: “Having been located on the Park for many years, we were particularly excited about the construction of the Bee House, Milton Park’s state-of-the-art co-working space.

“Upon its completion, we moved to base ourselves there and have been thoroughly impressed by its facilities – particularly the buzzing Hive Café!”

Adrian concludes: “It’s our aim that every person, irrespective of their starting point or background, is offered an intervention that is pitched at the correct level to get them on the right track for their aspired career.

“Milton Park offers us a great flexible workspace to carry out this mission in a collaborative working environment and we look forward to growing even further as a company here.”

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