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Company spotlight: Arctoris

Published on 14 October 2021

We recently caught up with the team at Arctoris, learning some more about their recent work. From partnerships with globally recognised technology firms to speaking with key players in the Government, Arctoris have certainly been busy with many exciting projects lately!

A little about Arctoris

Founded in 2016 and based at Milton Park since early 2020, Arctoris developed and operates Ulysses, the world’s first fully automated drug discovery platform. With millions of people suffering from chronic illnesses, the world continues to be in desperate need of new and better therapies to improve and extend lives. This is where Arctoris come in – leveraging a unique set of advanced technologies to make the development of new medicines more efficient.

Better data today, better drugs tomorrow

This year, Arctoris joined forces with IBM Research. The tech giant and Arctoris combine their respective platforms and expertise to design, make, test and analyse small molecule inhibitors in a fully automated ‘closed loop’ project, leading to accelerated research based on high quality data and its ability to inform better decisions.

To this end, IBM Research contributes RXN for Chemistry to oversee the design and making of novel chemical matter, and Arctoris’ Ulysses tests and analyses the data to inform the next cycle of compounds.

A ground-breaking partnership such as this one wasn’t without brilliant publicity – to add to this, Arctoris has recently been in the national spotlight, speaking to Chancellor Rishi Sunak at Treasury Connect and to the Prime Minister at Number 10.

Making connections, informing policy

The Treasury Connect conference gave a platform to science and technology firms showing the economic importance of companies like Arctoris as the country recovers from COVID-19. Co-Founder & COO Tom Fleming MChem was part of the life sciences panel at the conference, discussing the future of the industry and how it can work alongside the Government to foster scientific innovation and world-leading discoveries.

Arctoris was also part of the Government’s Life Sciences Vision policy, alongside a number of our other occupiers. The initiative will outline the plans for growth in the sector over the next decade following the hard work of both the public and private sector, working to solve some of the biggest healthcare problems of our generation.

Shortly after, Martin-Immanuel Bittner MD DPhil FRSA, Co-Founder & CEO at Arctoris was invited to Number 10 as part of a group of technology and life sciences leaders speaking with the Prime Minister about the potential of the UK’s tech and life sciences industry and its global positioning.

He said: “We are incredibly proud of all that our team have accomplished at Arctoris in the past quarter. From partnering with a leading technology firm like IBM, to my co-founder having been invited by the Chancellor to attend Treasury Connect, we are delighted that Arctoris is being recognised as a company committed to shaping the future of drug discovery.”

“For me as a clinician by training, it is critical to reinforce that our goal as a company is to create solutions that help develop new and better treatments and get them into the clinic faster – and we are grateful for all our partners who help us on our journey.”

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