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Fostering a climate of change at Milton Park

Published on 1 April 2022

We’re delighted that our very own Veronica Reynolds, Sustainability and Community Manager at Milton Park, had the opportunity to speak at the United Kingdom Science Park Association (UKSPA) Member Conference at the Oxford Science Park.

UKSPA represents, promotes and supports a diverse network of members that includes science parks, research campuses, city-based innovation districts, technology incubators and innovation centres across the UK.

Veronica has over 20 years’ experience in encouraging people to walk and cycle for health and transport. In her talk, titled ‘Fostering a climate of change. Community Engagement at Milton Park’, Veronica explored how collaborative action on sustainability issues can amplify their impact and lead to meaningful change. She also leant on her wealth of experience in bringing together diverse enterprises which are at different stages in their own sustainability journey.

Many at Milton Park will already know Veronica from her role in setting up and running Milton Park’s Greener Workplace Forum. As an independent group, the Forum aims to share best practice and raise awareness of existing green initiatives around energy use, recycling and transport. The forum is also used as a collective voice when lobbying for infrastructure improvements and investments which will help to reduce emissions from transport, buildings and plant and create more space for nature.

Veronica explains more: “I really believe engagement is a key building block when trying to encourage people to come together and embrace change. The Milton Park Greener Workplace Forum is a great example of how businesses across Milton Park are committed to finding ways of tackling climate change and improving their sustainability.

“I really enjoyed contributing to the UKSPA member conference, in addition to listening to the many inspirational speakers throughout the course of the event.”

But Veronica’s work doesn’t stop there. She recently contributed to UKSPA’s latest book, ‘The Planning, Development and Operation of Science Parks’. In the book, Veronica breaks down what she believes to be the four essential ingredients for forming an effective sustainable transport policy:

1. Identify the scale of the problem
2. Plan your travel campaign
3. Employ tried and tested behaviour techniques
4. Build partnerships

Through adopting this approach, Milton Park’s subsidised bus scheme and other sustainable transport initiatives have resulted in a 10% decrease in private car use over a period of three years: some 400 fewer cars travelling to and from the site each day.

It’s great to see that Peter Baird from Perkins&Will is also featured in the latest edition of the UKSPA book. Peter has been instrumental in developing the masterplan as part of our 2040 Vision for Milton Park.

If you would like to find out more information about joining our Greener Workplace Forum, please get in touch with Veronica by emailing

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