Milton Park Running Club

For those in need of some #MondayMotivation, Running Club gives people on the Park a fun, friendly way to improve health and wellbeing, socialise, explore the green areas and enjoy a change of scenery during the working day.

The club meets in the open car park area at the Park Club Gym every Monday lunchtime and will follow a 5km route. The group will be led by two personal trainers and will have different pacing groups – meaning that regardless of your ability or preferred pace, you’ll be able to enjoy a group workout. Each session can take up to a maximum capacity of 30 people.

Do remember to bring a change of clothes, towel and running shoes; whether you’re a member of the gym or not, those who take part will be able to use the showers and lockers to store their belongings.

Please follow the following advice:

  • During the first session the Park Gym will ask for your contact details.
  • Participants must let instructor know of any injuries/restrictions or illness. You will need to get up and down off the floor
  • Wear the right clothing, including footwear
  • Do not participate if you have a medical condition that may put you at risk
  • Do warm-up and warm down
  • Do stop if you feel unwell
  • Do check the environment is safe
  • Remember if wearing headphones, pay particular attention to hazards such as moving vehicles if outdoors
  • Consider remaining hydrated 
  • Know your limits
  • Follow the advice given by your GP or medical professional.

Everyone working at the Park is welcome to come along but it’s important that you email Park Club at miltonparkclasses@parkclub.co.uk prior to your first session to register your interest and answer a health questionnaire. 

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