Forging the Future

Milton Park is the UK’s largest single ownership innovation community. With nearly 3 million square feet of floor space across 300 acres it is home to over 250 organisations collectively employing thousands of people many of whom are working on some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Companies here are leading the way with astonishing breakthroughs in medical research, bio-science, green energy and agri-tech.

This Forging the Future event, held at Bee House, aims to highlight some of our amazing and inspiring companies. Find out more about how they are working to shape a better future and why they chose Milton Park as their home.


Tokamak Energy

Tokamak Energy is on a mission to deliver the technology that will make the dream of clean, limitless, safe and on-demand Fusion energy a reality ending our reliance on fossil fuels and make net-zero a reality. With their development of the compact spherical tokamak and high temperature superconducting (HTS) magnets they are a world leader in the Fusion sector.

Dr David Kingham Executive Vice Chairman

David is Tokamak Energy’s Executive Vice Chairman and former CEO. A trained theoretical physicist, he successfully led Tokamak Energy through three investment rounds and worked with colleagues and investors to mastermind an ambitious business plan to drive innovation and accelerate the development of our fusion energy mission.

Erica Thake Head of Commercial

Erica graduated from Durham University with a Physics degree and learned her trade at a legal firm, Dehns, before moving in-house at Tokamak Energy. She is tasked with protecting the company’s world-leading work to deliver fusion energy through agreements with other organisations, patenting and licencing.


Arctoris is a technology-enabled drug discovery services company with a world-class team of seasoned drug hunters to guide and rapidly progress drug discovery programs from target to hit, lead and candidate stages, using their in house developed and unique platform Ulysses. Ulyssess leverages both robotics and wet lab automation to make better decisions based on data of unprecedented quality, depth and context, bringing new medicines to patients faster.

Tom Fleming, CEO

Tom is an accomplished chemist and drug discovery researcher by trade. He is renowned as a subject matter expert leader at the Royal Academy of Engineering and has been honoured as a Royal Commission of 1851 Fellow at the University of Oxford. In 2019, Tom founded Arctoris and in February 2024 he assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Kinga Bercsenyi, SVP Business Development

Kinga has an extensive background in the life sciences field. She holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from University College London and Cancer Research UK. She also has a first-class Master’s degree in Systems Biology (Big Data) and Human Biology/Anatomy from Lorand Eotvos University in Hungary and the University of Luxembourg. After completing her post-doctoral research position at King’s College, Kinga’s career has transitioned into commercial roles. She is a global leader with experience in sales and partnership building and has been at Arctoris for nearly two years building up our pipeline.



OBN is the membership organisation supporting and bringing together the UK’s emerging life science companies, corporate partners and investors. Our 450+ member companies are located across the Golden Triangle and beyond, and benefit from our networking, partnering, purchasing, advising, and advocacy activities.

Philip Simister OBN Head of Science and Entrepreneur Advocate

Philip is a research scientist by training with over two decades of experience in fundamental academic and industrial biotech research within diverse fields including oncology, infectious diseases, immunology and immunotherapy. Latterly, he led high-performing teams and high-profile projects in a leading biopharmaceutical firm for biologics drug discovery and development.

Event timings
  • 12 – 12.30pm Event starts with the chance to network in Buzz
  • 12.30 – 1.30pm Panel discussion and Q&A

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This event is for occupiers only so please register with your Milton Park company email address. If you can no longer attend, please cancel your ticket through Eventbrite so it can be allocated to someone else.

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