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Park Products: Taylor & Francis industry books

Published on 2 March 2023

Taylor & Francis, the Milton Park-based international academic publisher, partners with researchers, scholarly societies, universities and libraries worldwide to bring knowledge to life.

It’s a world leader in scholarly journals, books, eBooks and reference works, spanning across all areas of humanities, social sciences, behavioural sciences, science, technology and medicine – providing easy access to a full range of research and information.

We’re always keen to provide an insight into what other companies do and produce here. So, to kick-off our new series ‘Park Products’ and in honour of World Book Day (2 March 2023), we’ve teamed up with Taylor & Francis to highlight ten of its industry-leading books across the science, technology, engineering and business sectors.

1. Team Analytics: The Future of High-Performance Teams and Project Success

By Bentzy Goldman & Peter Taylor (2022)

With real-world experience of leading teams and major projects, Goldman and Taylor explore a new approach to project success and team empowerment whilst also addressing the multi-million, and sometimes multi-billion-dollar question: why did the project fail? Their genuine focus on people unlocks a previously untouched area of project team performance management – helping leaders, managers and HR professionals to achieve exceptional project success.

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2. Bigger Picture for Innovation: Creating Solutions, Managing Enterprises, and Influencing Policies

By William B. Rouse (2023)

Based off first-hand engineering experience and research, Rouse details the importance of understanding the bigger picture when seeking innovation – made up of the people, organisations and technology required to achieve innovation. The book addresses emerging realities across transportation, power, education and healthcare ecosystems to provide useful perspectives on change – exploring values, social and political priorities and cultural norms as well as technical and economic factors. Here, Rouse compiles his learnings into a series of stories of real experiences and outcomes, outlining how he’s helped organisations accomplish their goals.

More information here.          

3. Evolving Innovation Ecosystems: A Guide to Open Idea Transformation in the Age of Future Tech

By Carol L. Stimmel (2017)

Stimmel presents an explicit innovation process, OpenXFORM – an abbreviation of Open Idea Transformation – that aims to develop breakthrough ideas into comprehensive concepts ready to be produced. Inspired by natural systems and human-centric design processes, the process encourages innovative thinkers to test their assumptions, validate hypotheses and tune and tweak their ideas – not only to drive solutions for users but also to meet the strategic goals of their companies.

More information here.          

4. Building an Innovation Powerhouse: Maximising People Potential to Grow Your Business

By Andy Wynn & Jim Hick (2023)

Wynn and Hick skilfully deconstruct the multi-dimensional complexities of working with people to reveal the secrets of how to handle the challenges of innovation. They uncover the inner workings of industry giants, such as Boston Consulting Group, DuPont, Google, Hexcel and more, exploring how these organisations have motivated people to create a culture of innovation.

More information here.          

5. Empowering Women in STEM: Personal Stories and Career Journeys from Around the World

By Sanya Mathura (2023)

Edited by Mathura, this collection of female authors from varying backgrounds across the globe, aims to encourage more women to persevere and succeed in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), recounting first-hand experiences of women navigating their own careers paths. It discusses the application process of root cause analysis and ways to introduce STEM to other generations, allowing readers to gain more perspective on ways male advocates can help female colleagues in STEM fields.

More information here.          

6. New Drugs, Fair Prices: Managing the Pharmaceutical Innovation Ecosystem for Sustainable and Affordable New Medicines

By Brian D. Smith

Smith addresses the important question of how we might get the innovative new medicines we need at prices we can afford. This groundbreaking book takes a wholly new perspective on the issue and raises the debate to a more informed and productive level that looks beyond the opposing arguments of price controls vs therapy innovation. Drawing on interviews with more than 70 experts across the pharmaceutical innovation world, it describes how a sustainable and affordable supply of new medicines is possible only by intelligently managing the complex pharmaceutical innovation ecosystem.

More information here.          

7. Quantum Physics and Life: How We Interact with the World Inside and Around Us

By Ingemar Ernberg, Göran Johansson, Tomas Lindblad, Joar Svanvik and Göran Wendin (2023)

This publication reveals glimpses of how the quantum physics of atoms and molecules influences, and even controls, the way our cells function and interact with the environment. It goes beyond biochemistry and molecular biology to explore the quantum phenomena influencing protein and enzyme function, and how it forms the basis life itself.

More information here.          

8. COVID_ology: A Field Guide

By Michael T. Myers Jr. (2023)

Through this field guide, Myers intends to de-mystify and accurately inform readers on the COVID-19 outbreak and response which was characterised by institutional missteps, media misinformation, and economic and social upheavals. It covers the origins of COVID-19, the disease it causes, tests and how they work, therapeutics and vaccines – sharing lessons applicable to other infectious diseases and future inevitable pandemics to better prepare those in the field and beyond.

More information here.          

9. The Listening Book: How to Create a World of Rich Connections and Surprising Growth by Actually Hearing Each Other

By Robin Ticic, Elise Kushner and Bruce Ecker (2023)

In order to have strong connections with others, we need to be able to listen to each other well. The Listening Book walks the reader through the psychological processes and principles behind active listening, and why it is such a vital skill to master. Suitable for solo or group reading, The Listening Book is for everyone seeking for deeper connection with others and anyone who is fascinated by the subtle factors involved in interpersonal communication.

More information here.          

10. Interpersonal Communication in the Diverse Workplace: Get Along, Get It Done, Get Ahead

By Geraldine Hynes (2023)

Hynes offers concise, practical strategies for interpersonal communication, cultural competence and diversity appreciation in a global business environment. Widely recognised as a key to success, in terms of revenue, profit and market share as well as workforce productivity, job satisfaction and employee retention, this book will help current and aspiring leaders across industries make these positive changes.

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