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Park People: Veronica Reynolds, Sustainability & Community Manager at Milton Park

Published on 25 August 2022

This month, we caught up with Veronica Reynolds, Sustainability & Community Manager at Milton Park – learning more about her role, sustainable transport at the Park and the exciting events she’s helping to plan.

Hi Veronica! Tell us about your role as Sustainability & Community Manager…

My expertise lies in encouraging behavioural change for the better, particularly regarding approaches to sustainability and community initiatives. Much of my work is centred on transport, accessibility, environmental issues and lots of problem-solving to make sure we’re continually improving the Park.

As part of the role I’ve been involved in projects such as setting up the Park’s Greener Workplace Forum, an independent group to share best practice and raise awareness of sustainability initiatives. I have led the promotion of our car share scheme which operates on the KINTO Join platform, helping people reduce their carbon footprint as well as saving on fuel costs. 

I have also led on the new bus service arrangements for the Park which now sees longer operating times, a greater frequency of buses to and from Milton Park and an extension of the £20 per year Milton Park bus pass to the wider Didcot area. We know that this is already proving hugely helpful for many of our occupiers and making a big difference to the number of people choosing a more sustainable way to travel.

How has your role changed over time at Milton Park?

I started working at Milton Park six years ago as a Travel Advisor where my main objective was to reduce traffic congestion and parking issues at the Park to improve people’s commuting experience.

The focus then was very much on helping to improve the transport connections, the cycle paths and facilities and introducing our bike and ebike loan scheme.

My role has now expanded to support Milton Park’s wider sustainability and community projects but also look to the future. I have been working on some exciting innovation in transport projects, including trials of autonomous buses and delivery drones. 

Can you tell us more about some of the events you’re involved with at Milton Park?

The delivery drone trials happened at Milton Park over the weekend of 20 and 21 August. Its aim was to explore how drone deliveries can work in tandem with electric van deliveries to achieve efficiencies and save carbon.

The autonomous bus trials are also due to start here with a 16-seater electric, autonomous minibus which will link the Bee House with the Milton Feast and Innovation Drive.

On the 22 September, it’s the exciting return of Car Free Day at Milton Park, where we encourage our occupiers to travel to work by alternative, more sustainable modes of transport. There’ll be numerous inter-company competitions including one for the highest proportion of employees to not travel by car on their own (they can car share!), the most unusual mode of transport and longest distance travelled. Prizes include receiving an exclusive, free lunch visit from our Milton Feast traders, so it’s well worth signing up and getting involved!

What do you enjoy most about your job and working at Milton Park?

Definitely the people! Meeting, engaging and helping people on the Park through various events and projects is the aspect of my job I enjoy the most. Ultimately, through my role, I want to improve the Park for occupiers and visitors so liaising with people is an essential part of my day-to-day.

Seeing positive cultural and behavioural changes in action is a really rewarding part of my role. For instance, when senior members from Milton Park companies get involved in our sustainability initiatives and lead by example on activities like cycling to work and car sharing, it often results in large proportions of their employees doing the same, benefitting the whole Milton Park community and our planet.

How does life and work connect at Milton Park?

I really value nature and the ability to get outdoors and enjoy my surroundings, especially as a keen gardener in my spare time. Whether I’m walking or cycling, I consider my commute as an extension of my outdoor leisure time so the fact that I’m able to arrive at work each day by passing through Milton Park’s landscaped, green spaces is a real bonus.

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