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Park People: Bryn Lees from Nurture Landscapes

Published on 9 February 2023

In honour of National Apprenticeship Week, we spoke to Bryn Lees, an apprentice at Nurture Landscapes, to learn more about his new role and why apprenticeships are the right fit for him.

Hi Bryn! Can you tell us a bit about your role as an apprentice at Nurture Landscapes?

I’m currently three weeks into my two-year apprenticeship with Nurture Landscapes which delivers a range of landscaping and ground maintenance services across large UK sites such as business parks and commercial premises. My role is solely based at Milton Park, helping the Nurture team to enhance landscaped areas, sow plant beds and grit the roads depending on what the seasons bring – and with 43 acres of open, green space here, there’s always plenty to do.

What attracted you to this apprenticeship?

I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors and for a few years I’d considered going to university to study in this field but eventually I didn’t see that as a viable option for me. It wasn’t until I saw the job advert online specifically for this role that I thought about looking at apprenticeships. So far, I’ve gained a great amount of knowledge and industry experience all while being paid. It’s proved to be the right decision for me, providing a great foundation for my chosen career path. Having moved to the area just six months ago, Milton Park’s location is really convenient and makes for a very pleasant cycling commute along the designated, scenic routes.

What do you enjoy the most about your role and working at Milton Park?

I feel very lucky to have found a role where I get to work in close contact with people who I genuinely get on well with and motivate me. Each person on the Nurture team has slightly different areas of interest and it’s great to witness their individual passions – it means I’m learning all the time. My interest in the outdoors has always been paired with a particular interest in plants and their Latin names – it’s now part of my job to learn these and familiarise myself with all the different species we have at Milton Park. I’m excited to learn about working with bees during the warmer months from the six beehives across Milton Park, getting involved in the ‘Meet the Bees’ and ‘Honey Harvesting’ engagement workshops.

How does your life and work connect at Milton Park?

I love using the cycle paths that take you right to the centre of Milton Park. I live pretty locally and am grateful that the paths put in place by the Park and local council mean that I’m able to avoid any roads for a quick and safe journey. I also use many of the amenities at the Park such as the pharmacy and post office as well as the Bee House’s Hive Café to meet up with family and friends.

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