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Park People: Adam from Lexica

Published on 30 October 2023

For this month’s Park People, the team speaks to one of the Park’s most active community members, Lexica’s Adam Johnson-Zammit, where he reveals his favourite events and how he likes to keep fit at the Park.

Hi Adam! Can you tell us about Lexica in your own words?

Of course, Lexica is a specialist multi-disciplinary consultancy employing over 115 members of staff, proud to be originally born out of the NHS in 2014.

From our Milton Park and London offices, we support organisations in the health and life sciences sectors across the UK as well as internationally, with the planning, delivery and improvement of their services and estates. This can range from property, programme and project management, cost management, net zero and healthcare strategy.

What does your role as Senior Cost Manager involve?

I work closely with clients to provide robust commercial strategies that enhance the delivery of construction projects at all development stages, right from initial feasibility to final account.

Day-to-day, this includes early cost orders, cost estimating and planning, lifecycle analysis, procurement strategies and cost reporting as well as risk and value management.

It’s definitely a multi-faceted role, meaning at times it can feel like being an engineer, accountant, and lawyer all in one. As a result, I’d say the advice we provide to our clients as cost managers is invaluable and plays an integral part in successful project delivery.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

One of the most enjoyable and fulfilling aspects of my job is overseeing construction projects right from design inception through to handover. It’s such a fascinating process to see a building start life as a 2D sketch, go through design development and then begin construction.

I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I deliver a project on budget, particularly when we help the client save money in the process.

The support from my team and the wider company is second to none. We always pull together when a deadline arises, listening and guiding each other whenever there are issues that need resolving. It’s this ethos that makes me feel extremely valued at Lexica.

Why did Lexica choose to base itself at Milton Park?

Thanks to our NHS roots, Lexica’s focus in the healthcare and life sciences sectors runs deep and so Milton Park felt like the prime location for the company to grow when we originally moved here in 2015. By basing ourselves at one of the country’s top strategic hotspots for our target industries, it’s enabled great client access and project opportunities across the region.

At a community level, Milton Park is a great place to both work and relax. It’s warm and welcoming whilst maintaining strong social values across sustainability, biodiversity and supporting the needs of the local area. This year, we moved from our original Park premises to a flexible office at Bee House, bringing the team even closer to many of the Park’s regular events and amenities.

What do you enjoy most about working at Milton Park?

It has to be the brilliant array of events hosted at the Park. They’re great for bringing people together and building collaboration and community so I try to get involved wherever I can. Whether that be through fundraising for a worthy cause like The Didcot Powerhouse Fund, discussing sustainability best practice through the Greener Workplace Forum or inspiring local students into STEAM careers through the Explore Milton Park schools engagement programme.

How does your life and work connect at Milton Park?

Every week I attend the free fitness classes, such as Tuesday Boot Camp and Hester’s Move & Stretch sessions, which not only help my fitness and motivation but also have a great social aspect too.

I’m always keen to try new things as well so while I’m not particularly creative, I like to attend events that involve making something. Last year I tried wreath-making and the finished result is still proudly hanging on my door today. I’m just waiting for this year’s event to make a new one


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