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New initiative to stop plastic waste reaching waterways

Published on 23 February 2021

Waste capture devices have been installed in two of Milton Park’s lagoons to help stop plastic waste from making its way into the main waterways.

The grids trap the plastic waste which accumulates at the lagoons meaning that it can be safely removed and recycled.

Total Projects based in the Park’s Innovation Centre installed the new metal grids at the major surface water inlets six months ago and it’s great to see the difference they are making.

The removal of plastic waste is part of the Park’s long-term strategy to increase biodiversity and improve the water quality around its lagoon network which covers 2.5 acres of the overall estate.

Peter King, estate manager at Milton Park said: “Our surface water drainage systems eventually joins the River Thames, so we strongly believe we have a responsibility to reduce the plastic waste reaching this key waterway. When you see what was coming through the lagoons before the grids, it is all the more satisfying to see just how much plastic waste is trapped, removed and taken away to be recycled. It’s a reminder to us all to reduce our plastic use. The waste capture devices have meant that we are starting to see habitat improvement and lowered pollution risk – a win-win situation thanks to these simple and yet very effective metal grids.”

Plastic waste at Milton Park before waste capture installation

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