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Milton Wonder

Published on 27 September 2023

Wonderful news from the Park

The new name for the Park’s email newsletter reflects:

  1. The name of what is thought to be the world’s second oldest standing apple tree, the ‘Milton Wonder’. The original Milton Wonder tree dates back to approximately 1810 in the nearby Milton Village, and is still alive more than 200 years later.
  2. The name also represents the continued commitment to biodiversity, green travel and sustainability at the Park.
  3. An apple is a symbol of scientific discoveries and eureka moments, like the apple falling on Sir Isaac Newton which led to his theories on gravity.
  4. The Milton Wonder is an apt nod to the wondrous innovations of the occupiers at Milton Park.

Each month, the ‘Milton Wonder’ newsletter will include articles on Milton Park news and events, Park People and Company Spotlight features, and fun competitions with great prizes.

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