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Keeping it square – a walkthrough of Milton Park’s what3words

Published on 28 October 2022

At Milton Park, we’re avid users of the what3words mapping system, which gives every three-metre square of the world a completely unique combination of three different words.

By mapping out and dividing every square in the world, the tool has revolutionised the way people navigate themselves to precise locations, whether used for e-commerce, delivery, navigation or emergencies.

When we revealed Milton Park’s refreshed brand identity back in 2020, we launched a campaign focusing on the discovery that our what3words three-metre square at the front door of our Innovation Centre on Park Drive is ///scores.honey.ambitions. The three words fitted perfectly: scores represents the magnitude of research and development that takes place daily here and the competitive environment which spurs on our companies to find life-changing discoveries, honey for our six beehives and that the humble hardworking bee was chosen by our Milton Park team to best represent our spirit animal, and ambitions encapsulates what our community has for their work and we have for our customers.

In 2021, when we revealed a new partnership with Thames Travel (which we’ve expanded again this year), we used what3words on the buses going to and from Milton Park and Didcot Parkway station, ///regrowth.butterfly.presuming, highlighting the different bus stops on their journeys.

When our new flexible workspace, the Bee House, opened on World Bee Day 2022 as Oxfordshire’s largest co-working space, we knew the name was meant to ‘bee’ when we found out that the what3words location for its new Hive Café is /// This perfectly encapsulated how we envisioned visitors to feast in the café, work in the cloud and collaborate like honeybees.

With a real buzz from the discovery, we took a deep dive into the what3words app and discovered some of the more interesting squares for other buildings at Milton Park, ranging from innovative life science companies to the Park’s amenities.

Milton Park’s total holding is 302 acres, amounting to 1,222,194 sq m and with nine sq m within each what3words’ square, Milton Park is covered by a total of 135,800 what3word squares so it’s fair to say we’ve had so much fun with it! It’s fascinating to see how relevant many of the what3words are for the locations they represent…

Bright Horizons Day Nursery ///subjects.snack.celebrate

Learning subjects, eating snacks and celebrating having fun with other kids – one could say this what3words perfectly encapsulates a typical day at a nursery like Bright Horizons.

Evotec: ///always.expand.provoking

The what3words square at Evotec’s new R&D centre named the Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Campus, ///always.expand.provoking, aligns brilliantly with the life science company’s motto #ResearchNeverStops as it continues to develop and increase global access to highly effective therapeutics. It’s also true that Evotec continues to expand and is now one of the largest companies at Milton Park.

Exscientia: ///steps.robots.zooms

Exscientia’s what3words of ///steps.robots.zooms, encapsulates the company’s innovative work taking significant steps to zoom into the drug discovery industry, combining the power of robotic artificial intelligence (AI) and human creativity to develop safe and sophisticated drugs, improving their availability to all.

LTi Metaltech: ///ashes.glossed.metals

It’s easy to see why we feel this what3words fits the bill for LTi Metaltech. With more than 40 years’ experience, the company specialises in precision metals fabrication and welding of structures capable of withstanding extreme pressures, vacuums and temperatures for use in highly regulated industries such as fusion and nuclear energy, transport and healthcare.

Milton Feast: ///browsers.soonest.banquets

Many people at the Park enjoy the range of food on offer at the Milton Feast street food market, which takes place every Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime opposite 55 Western Avenue. If you haven’t had the chance to browse for your own Milton Feat banquet, then we suggest you should try doing so very soon

Oxitec: ///

Oxitec is the world’s leading developer of innovative biological solutions to control insect pests. Following its recent expansion at Milton Park, the biotech pioneer continues to impart its knowledge for the development of solutions for communities to help tackle local pests through FriendlyTM mosquito technology which is safe for humans, animals and the environment.

P2i: ///liquid.bumping.matter

Impressive nanotechnology development company P2i develops ultra-thin barrier coatings to protect all electronics from exposure to (or “bumping” into) liquid hazards. It achieves this using plasma technology; the fourth state of matter. What’s more, the coating still provides liquid protection to the coated devices from bumps to their circuit boards after being dropped!

Whittard of Chelsea: ///branded.structure.earl

And finally, our friends at Whittard of Chelsea produce high-quality branded hot drinks such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Having a drink break can often help you unwind, giving a more relaxed structure to your day. Why not try an Earl Grey today?

Interested in discovering what your what3words is? Follow the link to find out more:

Competition time!

Want to get involved? For our monthly competition prize, we’re combining our what3words excitement with the spooky season. For a chance to win a Halloween-themed alcoholic beverage, have a go at solving some of the autumnal what3word squares located on the Park. For details of how to get involved, follow this link: 

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