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Have you seen our what3words campaign?

Published on 10 December 2020

Have you noticed our new campaign which has been springing-up around the Park to coincide with our refreshed brand identity?

Some of you may already know about what3words, others may be new to it, but the team at what3words has given every three metre square of the world a unique combination of three words.

Used for e-commerce and delivery, navigation, emergencies and more, it uses a geocode system for the communication of locations. what3words encodes geographic coordinates into three dictionary words; the encoding is permanently fixed.

Milton Park’s total holding is 302 acres which is 1,222,194 sq m.

With nine sq m per what3words’ square, Milton Park is covered by 135,800 what3word squares!

Our new campaign focuses on the discovery that our what3words three-metre square at the front door of our Innovation Centre on Park Drive is ///scores.honey.ambitions.

Philip Campbell, MEPC Commercial Director, Milton Park explains: “what3words offers the simplest way to talk about place. This finding epitomises our place at the entrance to where small businesses start their journey with us and also those on the wider park.

“‘scores’ represents the magnitude of research and development that takes place daily here and the competitive environment which spurs on our companies to find life-changing discoveries, ‘honey’ for our colony of honeybees and two beehives and that the humble hardworking bee was chosen by our Milton Park team to best represent our spirit animal, and ‘ambitions’ encapsulates what our community has for their work and we have for our customers. We couldn’t have put it better!”

The marketing team has plans to extend this exciting campaign further in 2021 – watch this space, and have fun finding your three-metre what3word square!

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