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Geese Islands

Published on 14 July 2021

We recently installed six floating islands into the lagoons. They are anchored by rope into the bottom of the lagoon but can float around on the surface of the lagoon. The islands come ready planted with a range of lagoon loving plants such as yellow flag irises, marsh marigolds and reeds.

These islands serve several purposes, they are a refuge for ducks, geese, fish and wildlife to hide and nest on; they increase filtration of water through the roots of the plants, thereby improving water quality; they enable us to grow plants in deep water; and they increase biodiversity by attracting amphibians and insects such as dragonflies.

The numerous ducks and geese have been enjoying these islands, particularly the goslings of which there are two families who have raised chicks this year. These islands give the goslings a safe place to rest away from animals and humans.

There are two families of Canadian geese here at Milton Park. Canadian geese are monogamous and most will stay together all their lives. The two families have formed a crèche with a couple of adults looking after a number of goslings. They are very territorial animals and can get aggressive, or hiss at you if you get too close to their offspring. Please be aware when driving through Milton Park, the geese haven’t worked out where the pedestrian crossings are!

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