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Choose your company’s what3words square

Published on 26 February 2021

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You may have noticed our what3words sign by the main roundabout featuring the words ///scores.honey.ambitions. This refers to a three-metre square outside the entrance to our Innovation Centre.

The team at what3words has given every three metre square of the world a unique combination of three words. Used for e-commerce and delivery, navigation, emergencies and more, it uses a geocode system for the communication of locations, encoding coordinates into three dictionary words which are predefined.

Milton Park is asking all companies on the Park to choose their own what3words square to be displayed in our new website’s ‘Who’s here’ company directory.

By choosing your what3words square, it will make it even easier for your visitors and suppliers to find you at Milton Park.

While we are updating our company directory with your what3words’ choice, we’re also asking if you can check your directory listing on the ‘Who’s here’ page and let us know any changes that may be needed on the form.

How to choose your what3words square for your company:

  1. Go to what3words and scroll around to find your company’s building/s. Tip – you can switch to satellite view to make it easier
  2. Click on each of the three-metre squares (each have a different predetermined three words attached to that square) and choose one that best represents your company and is on or near your office/laboratory/building/warehouse 
  3. Fill in the form below by 4 April. Don’t worry if you can’t choose, if you haven’t sent us your square by then, we will select one for you.

If you have multiple offices/labs/warehouses, please choose the location nearest to your main reception desk and/or where you would usually direct visitors.

If you have a virtual office at Milton Park please use ///scores.honey.ambitions, however, please do still check your details in the directory listings on our website and let us know any changes you would like to make.

We’re looking forward to seeing the what3words you choose.

Thank you. 

Choose your company’s what3word square

Please click on the link below to choose your what3words square on behalf of your company.

Please fill in your what3words form

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