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Check out our new rainbow and levitating pedestrian crossings

Published on 10 November 2020

Have you spotted our new 20mph speed limit signs and also our rainbow and ‘levitating’ pedestrian crossings on Park Drive?

The new crossings and line markings are designed to ensure people slow down and take notice of the 20 mph speed restrictions to improve road safety.

It’s all part of our 2040 Vision to help reduce the reliance on the car and improve air quality.

You’ll find our levitating crossing outside 141 Park Drive…

And our rainbow crossing offers a safe path to our Park Centre…

Veronica Reynolds, sustainable travel advisor, Milton Park said: “We love our new crossings! We’ve had so much positive feedback about them and I’m thrilled to see them installed. Our recent travel survey showed that people wanted to see slower speeds at the Park so we have been trialling the 20mph limit. Research shows that accompanying infrastructure helps people to take notice of their surroundings and speed limits hence why we have the different crossing styles.

“More work will happen over the coming weeks to install dropped kerbs and, weather-permitting, additional line painting around the crossings. We will be closely monitoring the project over the next year to measure the impact on traffic speeds.”

Veronica added: “When I started my role at Milton Park promoting active and sustainable travel, I could tell straight away that we needed to change the built environment from one that was dominated by motor vehicles to promoting walking and cycling. Some people have been asking me: “What is the purpose of the rainbow crossing?” And I say: “Exactly that, to make you question, think and look around, rather than press your foot on the accelerator forgetting that this is a place where people work and live out their daily lives.”

Thank you to our wonderful Travel Forum and Bike Users’ Group for all their support in this great initiative.

Thank you to Glanville for their designs and safety audit work, to Savills and Chris Kimber-Nickelson, senior development manager at Milton Park for the project management, and to Total Projects for the implementation.

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