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What will your three words be?

Published on 29 September 2021

We were delighted to have Milton Park star in what3words’ latest ad, where the outside of 2 Park Drive was transformed into a hospital to showcase the innovative geocoding and navigation system.

What3words and the discovery of our Innovation Centre’s square being //scores.honey.ambition significantly contributed to the Park’s rebrand and the decision to make our spirit animal the honeybee; an animal that is hardworking and community-minded as well as good for the environment.

Creating an exciting place to ‘bee’

Milton Park’s newest development, the Bee House is a collaborative working space, named in honour of our spirit animal. In keeping with the theme, we found out that the what3words square outside 140 Eastern Avenue was /// meaning that, along with our vision for the project, the Bee House is the perfect name for our newest project.

What3words has divided the world in 57 trillion squares, each measuring 3sq meters and each of them has a unique combination of words which allows to point to very specific locations. According to what3words street addresses are a little passé; they are not accurate enough and do not include rural areas or parks.

Our total holding at Milton Park is 302 acres… or 1,222,194 sq m. With nine sq m per what3words’ square, that means the Park is covered by 135,800 what3words squares!

Building a brand, building relationships

Maddie Taylor, Creative Lead at what3words, said: “We are so excited about this new ad, the whole process was incredibly fun and enjoyable for both Milton Park and the what3words team.

“Through the ad, we were able to showcase what a difference what3words can make for business as well as individuals and are delighted that the what3words address of the Innovation Centre’s 3m square played such a key role in helping Milton Park shape its brand. We’re excited to hear more about Milton Park’s branding and how the bee reference has helped influence it – in fact, I guess you could say we are buzzing to hear more!”

Philip Campbell, Commercial Director at Milton Park, said: “What3words offers the simplest way to talk about place. This finding epitomises our place at the entrance to where small businesses start their journey with us and also those on the wider park.

“Scores represents the magnitude of research and development that takes place daily and the competitive environment which spurs on our companies to develop the science in new and innovative ways, honey for our wonderful, hardworking spirit animal, and ambitions – encapsulating what our community has for their work and what we have for our customers. We couldn’t have put it better!”

Check it out for yourself…

Watch what3words’ new ad here. We know our three words – why not find out yours?

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