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Company Spotlight: Nium   

Published on 1 May 2024

This month, the Milton Park team caught up with Nium, to find out how the green nano-tech start-up aims to tackle the climate emergency, one minion at a time.  

The vision  

Nium’s core mission is to combat the climate emergency by eliminating emissions, leveraging nanotechnology to decarbonise and decentralise the global ammonia supply.  

A good alternative energy store which is easier to transport than hydrogen, green ammonia is fast becoming a frontrunner in clean fuel. It is an excellent hydrogen carrier, with nine times the energy density of lithium-ion batteries. 

With most ammonia being created using the Harber-Bosch method, 95% of the process is reliant on burning fossil fuels, with two tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) released for every tonne of ammonia produced.   

Dr Yubiao Niu, Co-Founder and CTO, comments: “Our ultra-low carbon ammonia production for fertiliser products and fuel provides an opportunity the industry has never had: to produce low carbon, green ammonia, on demand.”  

Pioneering solutions that could reshape the future of clean energy, Nium utilises nanotechnology (manipulating atoms on a very small scale) to decarbonise the planet’s most polluting chemical industrial process. 

Finding a home  

Given Nium’s unique requirements, especially its use of hydrogen, finding the right space to fulfil its ambitious growth plans posed a challenge. 

Having spun out of the Carbon13 in Cambridge, Milton Park was selected for its new home. The team were particularly keen to benefit from the ample space and power supply to accommodate future growth, while the transport links and amenity offering were also key factors in their decision to select Milton Park for its new home. 

The ability to grow into its new space means Nium can grow and scale its labs as the company progresses. 

Since moving in, the workspace and café at Bee House has also provided a refreshing change of scenery for Nium’s team meetings and a welcoming space for its visitors. The team particularly enjoys the availability of good coffee across the Park and the tasty food options at Milton Feast.   

The future of Nium  

Nium has now established its own lab and office space on the park, enabling it to progress its technology from small-scale research to larger production. With two working minion reactors, it continues to advance its catalyst development and production capabilities.  

Looking to the future, Nium hopes to collaborate with other companies at Milton Park, especially those in complementary sectors like hydrogen and green energy. Nium aims to leverage shared expertise and resources, to accelerate the pace of innovation and drive meaningful change.  

Nium relocates R&D to Milton Park

Growing start-up takes 7,500 sq ft of space to decarbonise ammonia production.

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