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Company Spotlight: ASA Landscapes   

Published on 27 June 2024

Since moving here 20 years ago, the team at ASA Landscapes has played a vital role in designing and maintaining Milton Park’s outdoor spaces. Through the spaces they create, the team focus on improving mental health and wellbeing, whilst encouraging exercise and interaction with nature.

Branching out at Milton Park

ASA Landscapes’ journey has been marked by innovative projects and exciting collaborations, such as the redevelopment of Bee House. Looking ahead to future projects, the all-female team are particularly excited to be working on Milton Park’s new £40m R&D development, Nebula.

Veronica Flemming, Co-Director at ASA Landscapes, commented: “The landscape around Nebula is evolving quickly, and we can’t wait to welcome people onto the development to experience the buildings and outdoor space once it completes later this year.

“As Milton Park moves forward with its 2040 vision, new projects will help to redefine the Park, creating new and exciting spaces for occupiers and visitors to enjoy.”

Working closely with CBRE facilities management and Nurture Landscapes, ASA Landscapes ensures every corner of Milton Park’s outdoor spaces can be maximised for all to enjoy. From concept to completion, the team’s dedication runs through every project it undertakes.

Increasing biodiversity

With client preferences shifting over the past decade, ASA Landscapes has been ahead of the curve and a force for good in shaping forward-thinking approaches to outdoor space.

Where manicured lawns were once the norm, wildflower meadows and insect hotels can now thrive, supporting a diverse ecosystem across commercial landscapes.

Veronica adds: “It’s all about striking the right balance in the design and maintenance processes. In a commercial setting, it can’t always be fluffy.

“If you create an orderly framework which the vibrancy and messiness of biodiversity can sit within, then it’s not just a bit of grass someone’s forgotten to cut, it becomes a wildflower meadow. What might look like dead grass in winter, is in fact a home for insects.”

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Looking ahead

As ASA Landscapes continues to shape the future of Milton Park, its sustainable landscaping solutions set a benchmark for what can be achieved in an innovation community.

The team’s ability to see the potential in every project and bring it to life with passion and precision ensures the open spaces can be maximised for the benefit of people and nature alike.

ASA Landscapes

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ASA Landscapes

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