Munchies of Grove

Munchies of Grove visits the Park every weekday, stopping outside 142 Park Drive at 11.20am, 143 Park Drive at 11.40am, 174 Brook Drive at 12 noon and finally 180 Park Drive at 1.15pm. Munchies are open to everyone on the Park and the timings are subject to traffic.

  • Hot baguettes and cold sandwiches (various fillings)
  • Burgers (cheese, bacon, egg or Munchies Special)
  • Breakfast box (sausage, bacon, egg, baked beans and hash brown)
  • Pastries (sausage rolls, pasties, cheese & bacon turnover, chicken & mushroom slice, vegetable pie)
  • Hot dog with onions
  • Hot meals (subject to change – mac ‘n’ cheese, cottage pie, chilli & rice, chicken curry & rice, sausage, mash & peas)
  • Cold drinks, crisps, chocolate, cakes and sweets
  • Jacket potatoes, salads and cold baguettes can also be pre-ordered in advance by calling Rob on the numbers above, either the day before or by 8.30am on the day.

Munchies of Grove location