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No queue with NOQ

Published on 27 June 2024

Introducing NOQ (as in ‘no queue’)…

Exciting news, it’s now even easier to enjoy your foodie favourites using an online platform.

NOQ (formerly Tuck Trucks) has created a website for Milton Park food and drink outlets, allowing occupiers to pre-order. They are also introducing a range of options for companies to subsidise lunch, order en masse or reward their employees.  

Click and collect

We appreciate that your time is precious and you don’t want to be wasting your lunchtime queuing.

Your food and drink is now only a click away. The NOQ website means you can order online from any site outlet, pick a time that suits you, turn up, grab your order and get back to your day.

Sign up to NOQ’s foodie news to get discounts. As an introductory offer, the first 300 people to sign up will receive 50% off their first order and we understand that codes will be available from 28 June. View the platform today.

The following food and drink vendors are taking orders on weekdays:

  • Hive Café at Bee House
  • Dress’d
  • Horsebox Coffee (Monday to Thursday)
  • Pierreponts Café at 99 Park Drive (Innovation Centre).

The following vendors are taking orders when they are booked in to attend the Milton Feast (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11am – 2pm):

  • Friends & Flavours
  • Mission Burrito
  • O&H Greeklicious
  • Planted Plates
  • SimplyFoods2Go
  • Sole Luna Pizza.
Employee discounts

In the research undertaken in the review of our amenities, several companies told us that they would like to subsidise their employees’ food and drink purchased from outlets on Milton Park. 

Through NOQ, Milton Park companies can now create discounts specific to individual employees or create generic codes for anyone in your team to use. Team members can then redeem discounts to reduce or subsidise their payment amounts by simply entering their code at the point of checkout online.

Companies can define which vendors to involve, what days and times employees can order and even what budget is allocated to each team member.

Company ordering

For those who order regularly for the team, meetings and events, you can get a code enabling you to place orders from any outlet and get invoiced at the end of the month.

Vouchers and gift cards

Want to reward employees? You can create vouchers cards that can be redeemed at any Milton Park food outlet when ordered online. Team incentives have never been so flexible!

And more

Over the coming weeks, our priority will be spreading the word about NOQ and getting more people to use the platform.

There’s more in the pipeline as NOQ develop their system and start to introduce more exciting services and features to Milton Park.

Stay tuned for all the latest updates, & discounts and watch this space for future office delivery offering and Bike2Work ordering.

For any questions or for more information on employee benefits please email:

Click & collect

To view the menus and place an order, please click on the link below. Save the web link as a favourite today!

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